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Company Profile

Sands Management Systems was formed some 18 years ago and its principals have been directly involved in health and safety for some years before that. Sands Management currently services over 700 clients and have specialised in many diverse areas from dentistry, warehousing, building, manufacture, engineering and logistics (freight forwarding companies) to growers, glasshouse operations and agriculture. We are currently the largest health and safety consultancy in New Zealand and have Consultants in all major centres as well as a growing number in the smaller cities.

Experience you can trust

Sands was formed in 1996 by Sean and Sandy Wright who have both worked extensively in the Health and Safety industry. Their combined expertise has allowed Sands to specialise in many diverse areas including dentistry, warehousing, building, manufacture, engineering, logistics (freight forwarding companies), growers, glasshouse operations and agriculture. In most of these areas Sands is now the dominant name in health and safety. Our database includes seventy different core hazard modules. These are groups of like hazards that have been accumulated over the years of dealing with various industries.

History of excellence

Sands stands apart due to our dedication to excellence and our focus on doing what is best for our customers. With our advice and solutions we aim to give our customers peace of mind, total compliance with the Health and Safety Act and savings on ACC premiums. We have specialist consultants in all major centres as well as a growing number in the smaller cities to service our growing client base.

Our Company Philosophy

We take Health & Safety very seriously. Not just for our clients but for everyone. New Zealand has a truly frightening number of workplace deaths and a staggering amount of serious harm injuries every year and we want to do whatever we can to stop that. We believe that good health and safety starts with the individual, be that person a senior company officer, the office worker or the guy on the workshop floor. We all have to make health and safety part of our daily life. This is not someone else’s problem this is our problem and until we stop saying “She’ll be right” the carnage will continue.

Think Safe, Work Safe, Go Home Safe