Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to buy a health and safety system?

Because the Health and Safety at work act (2015) says that you have to! Not to do so can cost you some serious money!

I haven’t got the time for all this stuff!

Most people don’t! We can solve that problem by managing your health and safety portfolio for you. That’s what we specialise in – your Health & Safety management.

Do I have to pay every year for this?

Absolutely not! However if after the first year of our service you may decide that you want us to continue providing our top service we have a loyalty programme. You can choose to pay a nominal sum each month and we will look after you for as long as you like.

What if one of my guys has an accident?

We will be there for you. Our accident investigation process is second to none. We will put procedures into place that will protect you from a Worksafe NZ prosecution.

I’ve heard that there is some huge changes coming up in Health & Safety. Will this make my manual redundant when that happens?

Certainly not! An integral part of our programme is to ensure that all of your documentation stays right up to date. When the law changes (and it will) we will upgrade your manual at no further cost.

I’ve heard that there are substantial discounts available from ACC. How do I get into that?

The programme is called Workplace Safety Management Practises (WSMP) and we are specialists in getting you through this process. We can get you a 15% discount on your annualised ACC premium and then a little later even a 20% discount.

OK How do I start?

Simple! Just click here to Contact Us and send us your details. We will call and give you a complete rundown of what we can do for you, how we will go about it and what it will cost. That visit will cost you nothing! Contact us now!