Greetings to you all.

Well at the time of writing the beginning of Autumn is only days away. What happened to summer?? (I think that I must have slept in and missed it).

Well the governments audit programme ACC’s WSMP has finally bitten the dust and as of 28 February has now officially dead. I read in a H&S magazine that the pundits were claiming that it was never a success but for my two-pennysworth I regret its passing. Despite what they say, in my experience it was a winner with commerce and industry and we’re are more than willing to prove that point to anyone who wants to listen. Having achieved Tertiary level, getting a 20% discount on their ACC premium was very much secondary to the knowledge that the company had achieved the best possible level of discount in NZ. It gave the company some sense of pride which filtered down to grass-roots worker level. We have numerous clients who are on record of achieving a level of WSMP and being able to demonstrate not ever having had a serious harm accident thereafter.

You have got to wonder though what was the true reason why they cancelled it. There are a number of possible scenarios ranging from Worksafe NZ objecting to ACC poaching on what they saw as their territory (not to mention doing it better) to the obvious fact that ACC hated the whole idea of giving away discounts (money).

So what has replace it? A process called Experience Rating (ER). The finer detail of this is not yet known and we will keep you informed as we learn more. In the meantime check out the ACC page to learn ACC’s current thinking on this process.

Direction in Worksafe’s plan

After about 25 years of enforcing workplace safety the current emphasis is now on health. This means that inspectors are now looking to ensure that all employees are receiving clean air, clean drinking water and sanitary lunch rooms and toilet facilities.

Industry alert

Worksafe Inspectors are currently visiting woodworking businesses. This includes pallet manufacturing, cabinet makers and furniture makers.

Hazard Tip Of The Month

Make sure that you exercise good ladder safety. All ladders must be of a commercial grade (no domestic ladders), check that the replaceable feet of all ladders are in place and not worn or missing. With A-frame ladders ensure that the lock back strips are in place and that the rivets are keeping the ladder tight and secure. Forbid your employees from standing above two rungs down from the top.


Cheers Sandy & Sean Wright