Why Health and Safety?

Well there are any number of answers to that question but it can all be distilled down to three reasons.

  1. Because you never want to see any of your employees injured and you never want to see any of your fellow workmates be injured.
  2. Because the cost to the country for last year alone was $4,172,000,000! That’s 4.1 billion dollars! Where did that money come from? Out of your wallet, your purse and your earnings. It came straight off the top of your bottom line profit if you are in business.
  3. Because on a per capita basis, New Zealand has the worst record for workplace accidents in the western world. Our death rate and serious harm injury rate is truly appalling. The level of our health and safety is comparable to a third world country to be honest.

What services or support can you expect?

  1. Identify all significant workplace hazards within each work environment and to continue to provide a hazard identification timetable based on regular six monthly audits for the term of our contract.
  2. Eliminate, isolate or minimise these hazards.
  3. Appoint and train management approved staff members to be the designated Health & Safety Officer for the site.
  4. Train fire wardens to NZQA level and conduct full evacuation fire drills every six months as required by law.
  5. Supervise the installation of the new Health & Safety system with signatures of management and staff representative.
  6. To assist in dealing with DoL in the event of an employee ever having a serious harm accident.
  7. Integrate into the Sands health and safety documents such designated in-house information as may be required and to include these additional documents into the on site training of staff.
  8. Be available to Management and all staff for the next twelve months to provide whatever health and safety advice the Company or it’s employees may require.
  9. Provide system audits at 6 months and 12 months and to provide to Management a full report on the outcome of these audits.
  10. Ensure that the Company is kept up to date with all related health and safety legislation and conforms with all of its legal obligations to the Health and Safety At Work Act (2015) and any subsequent legislation in the future.
  11. Consult with management prior to the acquisition of new plant and equipment relating to the safety procedures associated with its operation.

We at Sands Management want to change that. Our entire philosophy is to try and stop the carnage, cut the cost and give us back our pride in developing a safe working environment for all.

We have a saying that we truly wish that we could all live by:

“Think safe – Work safe – Go home safe.”