The most critical element of any health and safety programme is achieving what we call ‘buy-in’. It is imperative that all employees embrace your company’s health and safety policies and adhere to them.

If employees see your health and safety initiatives as a management-led initiative that is being thrust upon them, then the acceptance level (or buy-in) will inevitably be low.

Sands Management takes on responsibility for all health and safety training within your workplace. Our trainers are innovative, informative and, best of all, entertaining. Nobody gets to doze off at one of our training sessions; they are designed to achieve maximum buy-in from your employees.

Training in bite-sized chunks

Our training sessions are exactly one hour in length; they answer the specific health and safety issues from within your workplace but are generic enough that staff from all work areas can attend together.

This means maximum efficiency because half your staff can remain working while the other half are in training for an hour – then they simply swap over.

Policy Document Sign-off

After training comes the critical bit – we insist that all employees read the hazard register and sign to say that a) they have read it, b) they understand it, and c) they agree to follow its instructions.

They also sign to say that they agree to wear all personal protective equipment (PPE) as directed by management, and that they will report any situation or issues that they consider dangerous, or potentially harmful to themselves or any other person.

Our training works!

Our training is so effective that we can walk into a client’s business years later and still hear someone say “Hey, I remember what you said at the training session!”

The Sands Management System philosophy of training is, unless you achieve buy-in, you’ve wasted your time!