We at World Moving & Storage have been using Sean and his team from Sands Management for over a decade.

Sean’s’ extensive knowledge provides a simple no fuss, cost effective solution to what could possibly be a nightmare to the ill-informed.

From the outset they quickly took the concern away, assessed our needs and then presented us with our customised and easy to follow Health & Safety Plan, a must for any reputable employer in today’s environment. The H & S plan is easy to follow and all our staff were quickly able to read the simple language, and fully understand their responsibilities and the risks in our workplace.

The added bonus of having Sean on board is that at any time he is at the end of the phone for advice, or if we do one day have a serious accident – he is committed to being on site straight away to handle any incident and corresponding enquiry. Fortunately we have not needed to call him for that – but it is comforting to know we have his support.

Sean meets with our H & S representatives once a month in a formal meeting and through his council we have now been awarded Tertiary partners to ACC – our annual premiums have reduced significantly.

We feel very comfortable with their reasonable fees and have no hesitation to recommend Sands management or field calls from their prospective clients.

  • Raymond Dobbe
  • Director
  • World Moving & Storage Ltd